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2017 Porzio Life Sciences Year-in-Compliance 4/1/2018
School Safety Preparedness: Know Your Resources 3/30/2018
Marijuana Series: Legislation to Reform New Jersey's Medicinal Marijuana Program Advances / Gov. Murphy Reiterates Support 3/26/2018
Marijuana Series: The Latest Updates On The Efforts To Legalize Marijuana In New Jersey 3/22/2018
IRS says #TIMES UP: Companies Can No Longer Keep Sexual Harassment Settlements Confidential 3/22/2018
Marijuana Series: "Big Pharma's" Entry Into the Cannabis Market 3/20/2018
How To Manage And Prepare For Electronic Discovery In Litigation 3/19/2018
Marijuana Series: New Jersey Marijuana Politics Are Fluid, But Governor Murphy Remains Committed to Legalization 3/14/2018
Marijuana Series: Governor Murphy's Nominee for Health Commissioner Discusses Marijuana While the NJ State Association of Chiefs of Police Announces Its Opposition to Legalization 3/13/2018
Marijuana Series: New Jersey Assembly Oversight, Reform and Federal Relations Committee Holds First Hearing on the Impact of Potential Marijuana Legalization 3/12/2018
Marijuana Series: Virginia Legislature Approves Expanded Use Of Cannabis-Derived Oils 3/8/2018
Marijuana Series: Federal Reserve Approves Colorado Credit Union To Serve Cannabis Industry (But There’s A Catch) 3/6/2018
Marijuana Series: Real Estate Opportunities Fueled by Legalization of Cannabis, The Landlord Perspective 3/5/2018
Marijuana Series: How Profitable is the Business of Cannabis? For Now, the IRS may Decide 3/5/2018
New Jersey Law Now Prohibits Discrimination Against Breastfeeding Employees 2/27/2018

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