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Jennifer Romanski to Present at the 2016 Off-Label Regulatory Compliance Congress 5/11/2016
John P. Oroho to Serve as a Panelist at CBI's 10th International Pharmaceutical Compliance Congress and Best Practices Forum 5/11/2016
Porzio Hosts New Jersey Uniform Trust Code Seminar 5/11/2016
Porzio Bankruptcy Department Sponsors the Basil M. Ricci Memorial Golf Outing 5/6/2016
Brian Sharkey to Speak at ACI's 10th Advanced Forum on FCPA & Anti-Corruption for the Life Sciences Industry 4/28/2016
Porzio Life Sciences Co-Sponsors, Presents at CBI's 13th Annual Pharmaceutical Compliance Congress 4/25/2016
Diane Dunn McKay Presents "Intellectual Property Basics For Business Owners - Master Your Finances" 4/24/2016
Caldwell University's 41st Annual Presidential Scholarship Gala Will Honor Lisa M. Bromberg 4/21/2016
CBI's 12th Annual Medical Device Compliance Congress 4/20/2016
Associate Theodore Rosini Served as a Panelist for CBI's Rx Sample Management and Logistics Summit 4/19/2016
Porzio Business Owners Symposium Series: Changes Affecting Business Utilization of Independent Contractors 4/15/2016
Brian Sharkey to Present at the 12th Annual Meeting of International Society for Medical Publication Professionals 4/12/2016
Warren J. Martin Jr. to Speak at the NJSBA 18th Annual William H. Gindin Bankruptcy Bench Bar Conference 4/8/2016
Vito A. Gagliardi, Jr. Honored by the New Jersey State Association of Chiefs of Police 4/7/2016
CBI's 6th Global Transparency Reporting Congress 4/7/2016

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