Esports Industry Overview

By the year 2020, the Esports industry is expected to grow to more than $1.5 billion as businesses see opportunities to invest in the rapidly growing industry and the sport reaches further into the mainstream. Esports athletes, teams, and the organizations and businesses that are entering the industry are faced with legal and ethical issues that will need to be approached strategically to help advance the industry and address the growing pains of this emerging industry.

Porzio, Bromberg, & Newman has been at the forefront of Esports in New Jersey since the industry developed. Barbara DeMarco, Vice President of Porzio Governmental Affairs is a native of Atlantic County. Barbara has worked with international and national gaming companies as well as gaming related companies for 20 years as they invested in New Jersey. As Esports in New Jersey continues to develop, companies in the Esports industry will benefit from Porzio's proven track record of success in working with clients in highly-regulated industries. As the leading team in Esports in New Jersey, we are prepared to work with a wide-range of Esports organizations and the businesses that support them.

Porzio's approach to Esports differs from other law firms in our ability to drive value to clients by leveraging our wholly-owned subsidiary companies. These companies work with clients to provide targeted business and consulting services under the thoughtful eye of the law firm umbrella. Porzio utilizes a comprehensive, cross-company approach that marries the legal, business, regulatory, and legislative needs of our clients to ensure that the work is handled effectively and efficiently.

Porzio works with Esports companies to provide strategic, solution oriented counsel across all aspects of their business needs including:

Governance and Regulatory Framework

While Esports competitions may have specific rules, there is currently no single governing body that establishes ethical, uniform, and generally accepted rules for Esports. Porzio Governmental Affairs is deeply rooted in the gaming industry represents clients before the state legislature to help set policy and regulation for the benefit of the industry. Our team also works with clients to help them navigate existing state laws, and advocate for their interests.

Esports Real Estate

Esports companies have unique real estate needs that require properly-configured esports venues, with the appropriate layout and infrastructure for audio and visual equipment, large viewing screens, and facilities that accommodate the nature of Esports events. Porzio's can work with clients to prepare for leasing, financing and protection for venues including areas and data centers.

Esports Contracts and Employment

Esports companies must be prepared to handle contracts that range from professional services and endorsements to player contracts. Porzio can assist companies in determining employment relationships, drafting contracts and agreements, and enforcing contracts as the need arises.
IP Protections

Esports Intellectual Property

With more and more Esports businesses emerging, companies must be proactive about both protecting their proprietary content through copyrights, trademarks, patents, and licensing arrangements. Porzio works with clients to advise on all matters of intellectual property to ensure that companies are protected and also not infringing on any other company's rights. Porzio is also prepared to assist with any needs related to licensing, advertising, and merchandising.

Esports Supplements

Porzio’s attorneys have been serving the needs of the dietary supplement industry for over 20 years. Based in Washington DC, they have a deep understanding of the marketplace and the myriad of legal, regulatory, and public policy issues that must be navigated by established as well as start-up companies. Porzio’s attorneys regularly represent dietary supplement companies that have issues before federal and state government agencies, including the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Department of Justice (DOJ), Department of Agriculture (USDA), Department of Commerce (DOC), Department of Defense (DOD), Department of Interior (DOI), Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and State Attorneys’ General.


Esports companies looking for financial investments, and financial companies looking to invest in Esports companies must navigate the Esports industry in order for these transactions to close successfully. Our team understands the industry and monitors technological developments impacting Esports that may be reflected in the complexities of an Esports deal.