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Porzio Principals Presented at the 2017 NJ Corporate Counsel Institute 2/17/2017
11th Annual Porzio Compliance Forum: "Compliance Monitoring and Risk Mitigation" 2/10/2017
Porzio Business Owners Symposium Series: Keeping Quiet - Intellectual Property and Practical Applications 2/10/2017
Porzio Counsel Joshua Abramson Presented at the DRI Product Liability Conference 2/10/2017
Principal Jennifer Romanski Presented at CBI's 5th Annual Compliance Monitoring Forum 2/8/2017
Porzio Attorneys Deirdre Wheatley-Liss and Richard Ploss Presented "Estate Planning for Unusual Assets" 2/7/2017
Porzio Principals were Speakers at 5th Annual Global Pharmaceutical and Medical Meetings Summit 2/1/2017
Principal Jennifer Romanski Spoke at CBI's Medical Affairs Advancement Forum 1/30/2017
Judge Gallipoli Served as a Speaker for the NJICLE Seminar, "Mediation Advice from 100 Years of Judicial Experience" 1/12/2017
Porzio Attorneys Present at NBI's "Advanced Trial Tactics" Seminar 12/20/2016
Principal Deirdre Wheatley-Liss to Speak at the NJICLE Program on Will Writing 12/19/2016
Porzio Attorneys To Present During ASAH Workshop 12/15/2016
Porzio Principal Deirdre Wheatley-Liss to Speak at NJICLE Program "Let's Write A Will: 2016 Update" 12/12/2016
Porzio Principals Present at the NJICLE 2016 Cyber Security Conference 12/12/2016
Porzio Principal Deirdre Wheatley-Liss to Speak at NJCPA Essex Chapter Seminar, "Social Security and Elder Law Taxation" 12/9/2016

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