Life Sciences

Expert Panel Discussion on EFPIA Transparency and Physician Consent Management

2/2/2017 | Video

Porzio principal and Porzio Life Sciences vice president Brian P. Sharkey presented during the webinar "Expert Panel Discussion on EFPIA Transparency and Physician Consent Management," hosted by qordata, on February 2, 2017. 

Webinar panelists explored topics such as: implications for future disclosure reporting; consent rate forecasts and factors affecting HCP consent decisions; anticipated regulatory updates; and existing legal and regulatory consent management differences across European markets.

Mr. Sharkey counsels life sciences companies on a variety of compliance-related issues, most significantly those relating to ex-US marketing disclosure and gift limitation laws and industry codes. In particular, he focuses on helping companies understand and comply with global reporting requirements for transfers of value to healthcare professionals, healthcare organizations, and patient organizations.