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New and Evolving Requirements for Pharmaceutical Representatives: Chicago, Nevada and Others

7/31/2017 | Video

In November 2016, the City Council of Chicago, Illinois adopted amendments to the city's Management Ordinance to require licensure of pharmaceutical representatives. Effective July 1, 2017, pharmaceutical representatives doing business with health care professionals for fifteen [15] or more days in a calendar year while both are within the City are required to obtain a license prior to doing business in the City. The amended Ordinance also provides ethical standards and disclosure requirements for licensed pharmaceutical representatives.

Recently, Nevada enacted legislation to require manufacturers to provide a list to the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services of each pharmaceutical sales representative who markets prescription drugs on behalf of the manufacturer to licensed, certified or registered health care providers, pharmacies and pharmacy employees, and operators or employees of medical facilities.

This presentation provides an overview of these key changes and what they mean for your company's representatives and reporting practices going forward.


Chrissy N. Bradshaw
Principal of Porzio, Bromberg & Newman; Vice President of Porzio Life Sciences

Ingrid A. Pelzer
Senior Manager, Regulatory and Compliance Services of Porzio Life Sciences

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