Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


Our redesigned programs for attorney, paralegal and administrative mentoring address the evolving needs of our people, including minority and female employees, as they advance within the firm. Our Attorney Mentor Program gears its initiatives to associates and counsel, expanding and tailoring support throughout professional growth. Mentors help newcomers to grasp firm culture, learn time recording procedures and advocate for themselves. As mentees advance, mentors encourage involvement in professional associations, discuss business development techniques and offer guidance on specific business opportunities. Understanding that one’s needs evolve throughout career progression, our Mentoring Committee seeks to provide appropriate mentorship at each stage.

  • Diversity Liaison Program – Each diverse employee is assigned a current or former member of the Workplace Diversity Committee as his/her liaison. Diversity Liaisons serve as points of contact for any areas of concern to these employees.
  • 360 Mentoring Program – It is a full-circle mentoring experience designed to build and foster a professional network of women within the Firm.
  • Mother-to-Be Mentoring Program – This program was developed to provide guidance and support to expecting female lawyers prior to, during and after maternity leave.