Porzio, Bromberg & Newman has successfully undertaken the following governmental affairs efforts:

  • Represented a major pharmaceutical company in opposing legislation pending in the New Jersey Legislature. After 60 days of intensive legislative activity, we were able to convince legislative leaders not to refer the legislation out of committee to the floor of the Assembly or Senate for action. During this effort, we spearheaded a coalition of pharmaceutical, insurance, health care and legal interests against the bill; provided “talking points” on the legislation to key legislators; consulted with officials in the Governor’s Office; conducted state-by-state research to compare the proposed legislation to the laws of every other state in the union; and coordinated with other opponents to meet with legislators and present persuasive testimony to the committees considering legislation. In the end, the Legislature accepted the arguments we presented and the bill was defeated outright.  
  • Utilized our contacts to provide advice to a client on the likely interpretation of a wage and hour agreement by the New Jersey Department of Labor. The information gathered aided the client in deciding how to resolve a pending lawsuit involving the language of the agreement.
  • Represented a large trucking company to resolve a complicated permitting problem with the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office and the Department of Environmental Protection.
  • Negotiated a successful resolution of a complex funding dispute with the New Jersey Department of Education for a network of private schools.
  • Brokered an agreement for a private developer over a government-funded low-income housing project.
  • On behalf of an industry leader, monitored legislation in Congress and in various state legislatures to address the growing crisis of runaway asbestos lawsuits.
  • Represented a large pharmaceutical company in proposing amendments to tort reform legislation pending in the New Jersey Legislature.
  • Represented a large industrial manufacturer in spearheading a comprehensive legislative and regulatory effort to amend federal rules pertaining to the disposal of dredged material.
  • Counseled a distributor of apparel goods on exceptions to an international trade embargo that allowed goods already in transit to reach the United States.
  • Advised a national financial services company and its affiliates on legislation involving privacy, successfully arranging for the amendment of the legislation and for the inclusion of partisan and non-partisan language benefiting the financial services industry.
  • Created an unofficial coalition to address the unwanted results of broadly conceived legislation affecting consumer-oriented companies, ultimately shepherding bills through the Legislature and to the Governor’s office.

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