Professional Ethics

A lawyer faced with an Attorney Ethics Grievance may cycle through a series of emotions: anger, frustration, fear, denial, to name just a few. That attorney may push the grievance to the back of the desk or bottom of the pile, hoping it will go away. Of course it won’t.

Other attorneys resolve to handle these matters on their own, taking valuable time away from their busy practices in order to prepare a detailed response to the grievance. Those attorneys choose to ignore the time-honored admonition that a lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client.

The reality is that the overwhelming number of Attorney Ethics Grievances result ultimately in dismissal of all charges. But the most efficient road to a dismissal, and the avoidance of a Complaint and Hearing, is to hire counsel to defend you in response to a Grievance. Porzio, Bromberg & Newman represents attorneys responding to ethics grievances filed against them. We handle the entire matter, from initial response, through the investigation, and, hopefully, to dismissal. If, by chance, the matter results in a Complaint filed by the Office of Attorney Ethics or District Ethics Committee, we represent an attorney in response to the complaint, through the Hearing, and on appeal to the Disciplinary Review Board (DRB) and, if necessary, the New Jersey Supreme Court.

An attorney’s license is sacrosanct. The best way to defend that license, and the privilege of practicing law, against charges of unethical behavior, is to hire experienced counsel. Our attorneys have served as Chair of the District Ethics Committee, as Special Master in Complex Ethics Hearings, and have argued both before the DRB and the New Jersey Supreme Court. Whether an ethics matter involves a conflict of interest or an alleged attorney-trust fund irregularity, we are prepared to stand by our client’s side and defend our client against all charges.

Finally, we also provide counseling services to attorneys who are concerned about specific practice issues in an effort to, hopefully, avoid an Ethics Grievance in the first place.