Education Cases

In re Approval of Hatikvah Int'l Acad. Charter Sch., No. A-5977-09T1, 2011 N.J. Super. Unpub. LEXIS 3144 (App. Div. December 21, 2011), Certification denied by In re Approval of Hatikvah Int'l Charter Sch., 2012 N.J. LEXIS 389 (N.J., Mar. 26, 2012) -Successfully defended charter school from attempt by its resident school district to prevent charter school's opening.

Livingston Education Association v. Livingston Board of Education

Establishing the extent to which a school board can ban smoking on school property.

In re Petition of Janet Sheather
Clarifying the meaning of the Open Public Meetings Act’s reference to conducting a meeting through the use of “communicating equipment.”

Winthrop v. Ringwood Board of Education
Successfully defending our client in New Jersey’s first federal jury trial based upon alleged liability for student-on-student sexual harassment.

M.K. v. Kenilworth Board of Education
Limiting the use of a child advocate in a special education case where the use of same was not “appropriate.”

In re Petition for Authorization to Conduct a Referendum on the Dissolution of Union County Regional High School District No. 1
Granting constituent school districts the right to conduct a public referendum on the proposed dissolution of local regional high school districts.