Our environmental team listens to and understands our clients’ needs and is driven to vigorously pursue the best interests of our clients. We provide one-stop shopping on all real estate transactions and disputes.

Environmental Review

Our environmental team counsels clients in all aspects of environmental regulation. Environmental matters and regulatory evaluation and approval are often central to the culmination of transactions. We take the following steps when working with projects from infancy to completion:

  • Identify available and emerging properties and opportunities
  • Obtain the necessary municipal approvals
  • Focus on financial and tax incentives
  • Expedite the permitting
  • Manage the environmental investigation and remediation

We assist in analyzing and managing liability and compliance issues associated with leases, real property sales and purchases, as well as corporate acquisitions and divestitures. We draft contractual provisions related to any environmental liability issues that arise in connection with such transactions, including terms necessitated by state environmental laws. We also defend clients when orders and penalty assessments are imposed by federal, state, and county agencies.

We listen to and understand our clients’ environmental and business needs and are driven to: 

  • Help make our clients’ business plans a reality.
  • Move our clients’ development projects forward.
  • Turn brownfields into greenfields.
  • Establish the connections to take full advantage of existing state and local assistance and reimbursement programs.
  • Expedite the permitting process.
  • Identify and secure the insurance that will close deal gaps.
  • Resolve enforcement matters quickly and in the clients’ best interests.
  • Steer our clients through the Industrial Site Remediation Recovery Act (ISRA) process.
  • Manage environmental litigation in the most cost-effective, results-oriented manner possible.
  • Put our years of experience and contacts to use for our clients.
  • Provide the best in transactional counseling, regulatory compliance, and environmental litigation services.