CME Programs

It is vital for life sciences companies to understand evolving industry best practices in the current CME environment.  Government scrutiny of grants by life sciences companies remains at an all-time high. Recent settlements reveal that prosecutors continue to treat certain grants as a mechanism to promote off-label uses of products.

We counsel life sciences companies on how best to approach evaluation of grant opportunities and develop steps to ensure compliance with:

  • Anti-Kickback Laws
  • OIG Guidances and Opinions
  • Industry Codes and Standards

For CME programs, we track changes to the Standards for Commercial Support and guidances of the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education.  This knowledge enables us to evaluate a company’s compliance with these ACCME standards. We also counsel on CME guidelines:

  • PhRMA
  • AdvaMed
  • The OIG

To help life sciences companies minimize legal risks associated with their valuable and increasingly high-risk endeavors, Porzio develops policies and procedures, and conducts training to guide business personnel.  In addition, we:

  • Evaluate medical education proposals
  • Draft agreements with CME providers
  • Conduct audits of educational providers and research institution

We are committed to keeping you at the forefront of changes affecting CME support and grants.