Life Sciences Regulatory and Compliance

Global Compliance and Counseling

With the increasing globalization of business, Porzio’s experience in counseling international Life Sciences companies with respect to their operations in the US has become increasingly important and valuable.  Our cross-disciplinary approach to regulatory, transactional, litigation, tax, securities, environmental, and intellectual property issues enables Porzio to address the issues encountered by international companies forming, acquiring, and expanding businesses in the US.  Our experience in this area means that we understand the commercial objectives of international clients and enables us to structure practical and efficient solutions designed to overcome regulatory hurdles and achieve the client’s objectives on a cost-effective basis. 

Our global capabilities are not limited to helping ex-US companies with their US operations. We also assist both US and ex-US companies comply with global transparency reporting requirements. Our attorneys, working in conjunction with attorneys based outside the US, assist companies in both understanding and satisfying their reporting obligations, whether imposed by legislation or industry self-regulation.  As anti-corruption enforcement increases worldwide, we help companies fortify their global anti-bribery and anti-corruption programs.  Our attorneys also counsel companies on their data privacy compliance programs to meet their regulatory obligations in that increasingly complex area of international law.

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