White Collar Defense and Investigations

Criminal Defense and Representation:

Porzio’s White Collar Defense & Investigations Group brings unique investigative and prosecutorial insight to their client's defense. We represent our clients in both State and Federal Court.  

Our team also provides support to clients, including business entities and individuals, who are targets of government investigations, or are witnesses needing assistance with complying with a governmental subpoena, or are victims of crime.  


The range and breadth of investigations conducted by the Porzio team varies widely to address whatever the scope of our client’s concern may be. Whether the concern is discerning the facts surrounding an employee claim, investigating a violation of state or federal law, questioning regulatory compliance, or potential internal misconduct, such as product diversion or theft, our investigators bring years of experience in witness interviewing and evidence preservation and analysis, to assist our clients.

We provide investigation support to the following non-exclusive subject areas:   

  • Employee claims including harassment, discrimination, and retaliation
  • Whistleblowing
  • Theft, fraud and abuse
  • Cybersecurity
  • Extortion
  • Stalking
  • International extraditions 
  • International investigations
  • Antitrust compliance
  • Conflicts of Interest by officers/directors
  • Due diligence on transactions
  • FCPA and other improper payments
  • Product assurance/liability
  • Securities law
  • CERCLA, RCRA and other environmental compliance and permitting (in conjunction with our Environmental Team)
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