Porzio has both depth and breadth of experience related to construction law.  We can help get your structure built just as we can help with a dispute when things go wrong.  Whether you need legal assistance with the development of a site, dealing with government, a falling out within the construction team, design defects, or some other issue, we have you covered.  Unlike many law firms, we are experienced in unique issues arising in schools construction and with solar energy and green construction. 

Specific areas where we can bring value to you include:

Contract Preparation and Negotiation
Avoiding or minimizing construction disputes begins with proper drafting of contractual provisions, establishing the rights, obligations and liabilities of the participants.  Our construction practice team has extensive experience in representing the key participants in the construction process: owners (public and private), design professionals (architects and engineers), general contractors, subcontractors and suppliers.  Accordingly, we assist clients in drafting and negotiating contracts, ensuring that the documents cover pertinent contingencies.
Construction Litigation
Construction projects frequently result in disputes that give rise to mediation, arbitration or complex litigation. Clients rely on the extensive litigation experience of our attorneys and paralegals to handle many types of disputes, including payment disputes, allegations of defective design or construction (including professional liability claims), changed or unforeseen conditions, delays or disruptions, loss of productivity, insurance/surety coverage, environmental claims, Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) defense, toxic tort claims, or other similar claims. We strive to achieve early and cost-effective resolution of construction disputes so as to avoid the expense, delay and uncertainty of protracted litigation.
School District Construction
We have particular experience in assisting school districts in matters relating to the design and construction of new and renovated school facilities.  Very often, this process includes the management of sensitive environmental issues.  We routinely assist school districts with solar construction bids, contracts, change orders and construction litigation.
Solar Energy and Green Construction
With the incorporation of renewable energy components into existing projects, energy conservation measures, and LEED certification, more and more real estate projects are going green.  In addition to the benefits of going green, there are numerous state and federal programs that provide monetary and technical support for renewable energy and energy conversation projects.  Our familiarity with solar and other forms of renewable energy, and the programs that support them, can help make your project a green one.