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Valuation and assessment levies on real property can be complicated.  When considering a property tax appeal, it is important to consult with a specialist who understands and can accurately gauge the value of a property. Our tax appeal department represents clients with various types of industrial and commercial properties, including retail, manufacturing, warehouse, office, and research and development facilities.

At Porzio, a team member studies each property to verify the data on which the taxing jurisdiction bases its assessment: Is the square footage properly calculated? What is the physical condition of the structure? Are there any site issues or environmental concerns? Does the surrounding area include factors that affect value? Is the property marketable? Are there any factors that may add a stigma? 

Our tax appeal department builds and presents strong cases, often leading to settlements. If necessary, we prepare for trial by examining the appraisal report and analyzing every element — comparables, deeds, sale encumbrances — that may affect the value. We also talk to plant or facility managers, buyers, sellers and other parties who may shed light on real value to help identify the basis on which the taxing jurisdiction relies.

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