International Affiliate - Aubyn Law Firm

As part of its ongoing efforts to better service its European-based clients, as well as its US-based clients with European interests and operations, Porzio has formed a strategic alliance with Aubyn (formerly Triplet & Associés), a French law firm with offices in Lille (France), Paris (France), and London (United Kingdom).  The alliance enables each firm to expand its client base and to provide enhanced client service for their existing clients with respect to dealing with international issues. Although Porzio and Triplet will remain separate law firms, the alliance between the two firms focuses on cross referrals and joint client pitches.  The alliance will help each firm to meet cross-border legal needs of their clients, and serves to increase the geographic reach of each firm through Porzio’s offices in the United States and Triplet’s offices in France and the United Kingdom.

In addition, Porzio’s subsidiary, Porzio Life Sciences, has developed the International Life Sciences Transparency Database with its strategic alliance partner, Aubyn Life Sciences, LLC, which is affiliated with Aubyn.  This database contains in-depth information on current laws and codes, and pending legislation, related to sales and marketing practices and interactions with healthcare providers outside the United States.  Specifically, the database provides information on laws and codes related to transparency reporting requirements, limitations or prohibitions on financial interactions with healthcare providers and organizations, anti-bribery or anti-corruption, data privacy, and company compliance programs regarding interactions with healthcare providers. 

Through the International Database, Porzio Life Sciences and Aubyn Life Sciences, our French joint venture partner, clarify the global transparency complexities and ease the burden of compliance requirements.