Reasons to Join

Accept Challenges

Porzio lawyers represent top-tier national clients in cutting-edge litigation and offer innovative solutions to business issues for clients across industries.  Our high utilization of paralegals ensures that our lawyers focus on “real lawyering” and take on significant responsibility early in their careers.

Develop Skills

Our training goes beyond traditional legal education.  It spans a wide range of topics including sales, business development, law firm economics, marketing techniques for lawyers and public speaking. We encourage attendance at seminars and conferences and provide formal in-house training sessions and skills building programs for all lawyers.

Benefit From Mentoring

We recognize that the mentoring needs of young associates differ from the needs of more experienced associates and counsel, so our mentoring program is tailored to address the challenges faced by these distinct groups. From the first day of employment, each newly hired attorney is paired with a mentor to support, motivate and advise during the transition period.  We also recognize that true integration is the product of a great deal more than formal programs.  We understand that working together with a common purpose lays the foundation for lifelong bonds.  With this in mind, we value and support the informal mentoring relationships that develop through spontaneous connections.

Respect and Support

Our commitment to hiring only those who have high character, exceptional talent and personal drive ensures that you will work with outstanding people.  Our workplace community is mutually supportive, respectful and collegial.  Greatness is not achieved alone.

Handle Administrative Responsibility

We want our lawyers to be involved in all aspects of the firm. We invite our lawyers to serve on administrative committees and taskforces where they are given real responsibility and an opportunity to contribute to the evolution of the firm. These unique opportunities will give you the chance to interact with other members of the firm.

Give Back To The Community  

We support and encourage service to the communities in which we live and work through pro bono and other activities.  Our people participate in a wide array of pro bono legal services, as well as bar-related, civic, charitable, community, governmental and educational programs.

Receive Additional Benefits

We also provide additional benefits in an effort to best serve our people, such as a technology stipend and health club membership reimbursement.