Reasons to Join

Paralegal Training

We emphasize professional development from the first day of employment, beginning with a comprehensive orientation schedule.  Members of our Paralegal & Regulatory Personnel Training and Professional Development Committee direct a wide-ranging continuing education program to supplement initial training and offer ongoing growth opportunities.  Additionally, the firm advocates and sponsors paralegal attendance at a variety of external training programs.

Career Path

Our program incorporates senior paralegals, assistant paralegal coordinators and paralegal coordinators. Through career progression, our paralegals have the chance to explore a wide range of administrative and project management responsibilities to advance within the firm.

Professional Associations

We encourage our paralegals to join and participate in professional associations.  Porzio covers membership costs and utilizes its contacts to coordinate and support involvement. As a result, our paralegals belong to numerous local and national paralegal associations.  Additionally, we are proud to note that Porzio paralegals participate at the board and leadership levels of many of these organizations.


We established our Paralegal Mentor Program to improve the orientation, integration and retention of paralegals.  We assign a mentor to support, motivate and advise each newly hired paralegal.  Mentors provide one-on-one attention, offering personalized guidance as paralegals acquire new skills and gain greater confidence.  Through this mentoring process, the firm seeks to instill its people with a sense of belonging.  We aspire to form mentoring relationships that span careers.