John Mairo Discusses Cross-Border Mediation in Episode 6 of IPG Vlog


The Insolvency Practice Group (IPG), a focus group of INSOL International, with members from the UK, US, Netherlands, Singapore, Uganda, Germany, India, Hong Kong, and Australia, was formed to engage Insolvency Practitioners in discussions regarding cutting-edge and practical issues that many appointment takers regularly deal with, such as; conflicts that arise in taking appointments; financing the rescue; personal liability of practitioners; and more.

As a new line of communication for INSOL members, IPG recently introduced its vlog series where committee members and other leading experts address pressing issues and hot topics. In Episode 6 of IPG's vlog series, Porzio's John Mairo, an INSOL Fellow and IPG Committee Member/US Representative, had a discussion with Ted Gavin of Gavin/Solmonese LLC to discuss utilizing mediation with cross-border disputes.  Specifically, their discussion covered: the benefits of mediation; the benefits of utilizing mediation with cross-border disputes; resources for cross-border mediations; and examples of cases where mediation was used with cross-border disputes.

Both John and Ted serve as mediators for bankruptcy/insolvency disputes.

Please click here to watch John’s vlog.

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