Casino and Gaming

Since the industry emerged, Porzio, Bromberg, & Newman has been at the forefront of casino and gaming in New Jersey. As this industry continues to develop, companies will benefit from Porzio's proven track record of success in working with clients in a variety of highly-regulated industries. We are prepared to work with a wide range of casino and gaming organizations and the businesses that support them.

Porzio's approach differs from other law firms in our ability to drive value to clients by leveraging our wholly-owned subsidiary companies. These companies work with clients to provide targeted business and consulting services under the thoughtful eye of the law firm umbrella. Porzio utilizes a comprehensive, cross-company approach that marries the legal, business, regulatory, and legislative needs of our clients to ensure that the work is handled effectively and efficiently.

Porzio works with companies to provide strategic, solution-oriented counsel across all aspects of their business needs.