Third-Party Logistics

New York and New Jersey are home to numerous railways and terminals, a comprehensive highway system, major airports, and ports.  Local businesses flourish in international commerce through proximity to global markets and use of ever-changing transportation and warehousing facilities.  Issues arise daily that present distribution and storage issues.

Porzio helps businesses that import, store, and/or distribute goods across state lines or international borders.  Our attorneys provide a multidisciplinary approach and offer legal advice to logistics companies, with specialized expertise in commercial litigation, arbitration, and mediation services; intellectual property; and preparation of many corporate agreements needed for business operations, including leases, licenses, and sales, employment and warehouse agreements.

Porzio knows the transportation and logistics business through years of representing the trucking industry.  We get to know the company and industry. Whether you need skilled representation regarding a business dispute or a transaction, we are ready to assist.

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