Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Our Commitment

Diversity empowers us and provides competitive strength. We hire people with different approaches, life experiences, and perceptions and believe that diversity enriches our understanding, creativity, and insight. We recruit from a wide talent base to develop a culture that fosters growth and long-term success.

Our commitment to diversity factors heavily in our recruitment and retention efforts. Team members with hiring responsibilities sit on our Workplace Diversity Committee and perform direct roles in hiring, professional development, and strategic initiatives.

We encourage our people to lead. Personnel from all levels influence firm-wide policies through participation in firm committees, task forces, and study groups. Team members actively participate in our vital mentoring programs, seeking to provide positive role-modeling experiences for all of our people.

Porzio's Diversity Committee

The Workplace Diversity Committee’s mission statement and initiatives are approved and embraced by members of the firm. The Managing Principal chairs the Committee, further demonstrating the firm’s commitment to honoring and respecting the unique views of each employee. The committee is composed of employees at all levels and meets frequently to evaluate its efforts and progress. Many initiatives radiate from the committee’s aggressive twelve month action plan, which details a number of proactive efforts to recruit and retain personnel of different backgrounds. The committee seeks to educate and train our people on diversity awareness through outside speakers. 

Diversity Committee Members