Intellectual Property

Protecting company assets is critical to maintaining a competitive advantage. In many instances, intellectual property (IP) is a company’s most valuable asset. At Porzio, we believe that intellectual property protection is best approached from a strategic business standpoint. Thus, our attorneys counsel clients not only in the creation, development, and protection of IP resources, but also on how best to utilize those assets to advance business interests and to enforce their rights. Our attorneys and professionals offer full-service representation in patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret, and unfair competition law, providing fundamental services related to each, including patent preparation and prosecution, litigation, licensing, transactions, and opinions. Porzio also assists clients with e-commerce and other digital legal issues.

Porzio’s IP attorneys have the legal skills and experience to deal with complex technology. For example, our patent attorneys have advanced degrees and relevant industry experience in all major technology areas, including biotechnology, biochemistry, business methods, chemistry, computer science, electrical engineering, fluidics, material sciences, mechanical engineering, medical devices, optics, pharmaceutical, physics, and telecommunications.

Our technical capabilities are matched by a deep understanding of the relationships between intellectual property rights and practical business needs. We recognize the primary reason for protecting and enforcing IP is to advance a company’s business interests and increase shareholder value: this philosophy guides and defines our patent enforcement and licensing practice. We are results-driven, and recognize that clients need options. We take a business-like approach to securing, enforcing, and protecting clients' intellectual property. Our approach tailors solutions to meet client needs. We help clients avoid legal entanglements that can harm or detract from their business activities.