Intellectual Property

Licensing and Technology Transfer

A significant way to maximize the value of IP is to structure technology-based agreements clearly focused on and supporting short- and long-term strategic business objectives. An intellectual property portfolio can produce significant ancillary income for the owner and be a meaningful source of income to a new company. Licensing income can fund research and development expenses and finance growth. Field of use licenses, territorial licenses, and foreign market licenses can generate income without major capital investments and are very useful when a company is unable to exploit all available product markets.

Our Intellectual Property attorneys have negotiated numerous license, distribution, and collaboration agreements in the domestic and international business communities. In addition, we regularly counsel clients on strategies for licensing, assertion, developing, and distributing products. We negotiate and document mergers, acquisitions, security agreements, and other business combinations involving technology and intellectual property assets. We also have extensive experience in the transfer of technology from government-supported operations and academic organizations to businesses in the private sector.

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