Intellectual Property

Managing Intellectual Property Assets

We believe that managing patent assets is a vital component of IP oversight. Once key IP assets are identified and protected, building and maintaining a strong patent portfolio is crucial to building a successful enterprise. A strong management includes addition of new IP assets to the patent portfolio and maximizes the values of those lying dormant. Building on the exceptional capabilities of our strong patent practice, we provide strategic guidance on the development, use, and enforcement of proprietary technologies and holdings, and on the acquisition of new IP assets, with the primary goal of maximizing those assets for commercial benefit.

Porzio also has significant experience assisting clients in mining patent assets by assessing the financial value of the patents in the portfolio and the business and commercial value. Our team has experience auditing, evaluating, and assessing the commercial value of company patents to assure that these valuable corporate assets are generating value for the company.

We also regularly assist companies in performing IP due diligence investigations related to mergers and acquisitions and other matters. We focus on not only ensuring the buyer knows what they are acquiring, but also on ways to maximize the value of those assets after the deal closes.