Courts Can Make Better Use Of 'The Boss'


By Peter J. Gallagher

Law360, New York (January 02, 2014, 6:05 PM ET) -- Lawyers are among the many people who have been inspired and influenced by Bruce Springsteen's music. Springsteen usually comes in third - behind Bob Dylan and the Beatles and slightly ahead of Paul Simon - on the list of musicians whose lyrics are most frequently cited in legal articles and judicial opinions. Several law review articles, and at least one symposium, have been dedicated to the characters in his songs, particularly those on the margins, living in the darkness on the edge of town.These individuals are appealing to law professors and commentators, particularly those interested in social justice, because, as professor Abbe Smith noted in her article "The Dignity and Humanity of Bruce Springsteen's Criminals," Springsteen "takes the least popular, least sympathetic among us, and offers up their stories to teach us something about ourselves."

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