The Accident Reconstruction and Biomechanical Expert


By Eric L. Probst

The number of experts used in some personal injury matters can be staggering. Even routine, soft-tissue injury cases sometimes involve multiple liability and medical experts. Often counsel will go overboard, hiring expert witnesses when a simpler approach would suffice. However, in commercial motor carrier collision cases, using accident reconstruction and biomechanical experts is indispensable to an effective defense strategy, especially in serious injury and wrongful death cases. It is hard to imagine a trucking company involved in these types of personal injury cases not having an accident reconstructionist as a member of a rapid response team, which investigates the crash scene and collects evidence to describe and recreate how a collision occurred. Likewise, it is not uncommon for a trucking company to retain a biomechanical engineer to understand how an impact caused the injuries sustained to begin to develop a working defense theory to a potential claim against one of its drivers, even if someone has not filed a suit.

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