Natural Products Insider Quotes Porzio Attorneys in Defense of the Dietary Supplement Industry (redirect)


In September 2014, federal lawyers filed suit against Bayer Corp., claiming that the health care company did not have sufficient scientific evidence to claim the effectiveness of their dietary supplement in supporting colon health.  The FTC and government lawyers reached this conclusion based on the expert opinion of Loren Laine, professor at Yale University School of Medicine and board-certified gastroenterologist.

Porzio, weighing in on behalf of the Natural Products Association (NPA), contests Laine’s opinion.  In a brief filed on March 13, our attorneys assert, “To the contrary, dietary supplement providers only need to provide a reasonably scientific basis for the claims. Thus, the Government’s position in this case directly contradicts Congress’s intent in passing DSHEA."

Porzio attorneys leading this matter are Kevin M. Bell, Richard J. Oparil and Alvin Weiss.

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