New Jersey's Minimum Wage Will Begin Increasing Starting July 1, 2019


Governor Murphy signed today a bill that increases New Jersey's minimum wage.  The bill is expected to have a significant impact on New Jersey businesses.

The new law increases the minimum wage from $8.85 to $10 beginning July 1st.  Thereafter, the minimum wage will increase by $1 per year until 2024.  The increase schedule is as follows:

Current:                               $8.85 per hour

July 1, 2019:                        $10 per hour

January 1, 2020:                   $11 per hour

January 1, 2021:                   $12 per hour

January 1, 2022:                    $13 per hour

January 1, 2023:                    $14 per hour

January 1, 2024:                    $15 per hour

The bill only has a few exceptions for small employers (less than six employees), seasonal workers, agricultural workers, and new hires enrolled in a training program.  Information about the bill and its impact can be found in our firm's previous update by clicking here

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