State of New Jersey Issues Guidance for K-12 Schools

Porzio COVID-19 Update

The New Jersey Department of Health has released much-anticipated guidance to our K-12 schools on how to address the various COVID recommendations. This guidance addresses the following general topics:

1. Masks
2. Physical distancing and cohorting
3. Cleaning, disinfection, and airflow
4. Outbreaks
5. Contact tracing and notification

It also provides some self-described “minor” updates on K-12 screening testing, which includes guidance on the use of home-based testing and the possible availability of funding to support the screening testing that now has been mandated by the Governor’s recent Executive Order (EO # 253).

This guidance from the New Jersey Department of Health, which can be accessed using the below links, also contains links to additional information and resources for schools and parents from the CDC:

NJDOH Public Health Recommendations for K-12 Schools 2021-2022 School year
Public Health Recommendations for implementing COVID-19 Screening Testing in K-12 Schools (updated 8/30/21)
COVID-19 Public Health Recommendations for Local Health Departments for K-12 Schools

This information should be included in the policies that all schools are required to update and implement following the issuance of EO # 253. Porzio’s school law team is available to assist your schools in safely returning to full in-person education and implementing the necessary policies and protocols required by the Governor and the Department of Education.

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