School Law for the Non-School Lawyer


Ms. Kerri Wright presented on student records access and privacy issues at NJSBA's School Law for the Non-School Lawyers on September 9, 2014.

Today’s school law issues touch almost every area of law practice including family, criminal, tort, employment, public contracting and constitutional law. The seminar, designed especially for attorneys who do not ordinarily practice in the field of education law, was designed to bring the attendees you up-to-date on the legal principles needed to understand in order to represent clients who interact with public school districts.

Attendees learned essential strategies to handle school law issues that they may face, including:

  • Advocating for students in school disciplinary matters
  • Representing families of children with special needs
  • Lawfully secure access to school records
  • Advising vendors and contractors under the Public School Contracts Law
  • School law issues for divorced or separated parents
.... and more!

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