Porzio Life Sciences Goes Global


International Life Sciences Transparency Database
Aids Companies Facing Global HCP Interactions and Data Privacy Complexities

MORRISTOWN, NJ – January 23, 2014 – Porzio Life Sciences, LLC (“PorzioLS”), in collaboration with its French joint venture partner, Aubyn Life Sciences, announce the launch of the International Life Sciences Transparency Database (International Database). The International Database contains invaluable guidance on non-US disclosure requirements pertaining to healthcare professional (HCP) and healthcare organization (HCO) payments.

D. Jeffrey Campbell, President and CEO of PorzioLS, commented that, “Along with our French partner Aubyn Life Sciences, we have been struck by the growing difficulties life sciences companies must now confront concerning their HCP interactions. By providing country-specific information on transparency requirements and gift limitations, the International Database will help companies become experts on these challenging compliance obligations.”

Our experienced International Database team monitors global laws and industry codes, as well as the activities of relevant government agencies, to maintain the most up-to-date information for subscribers. Additionally, subscribers benefit from access to the International News page, which contains timely updates on the latest global news, laws, industry codes and pending legislation impacting sales and marketing activities for pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies.

According to Brian P. Sharkey, Manager of Regulatory and Compliance Services of PorzioLS, “The transparency movement regarding HCP and life sciences company relationships is quickly accelerating. More and more industry groups are adopting self-regulatory codes and governments are continuing to enact legislation. The International Database assists life sciences companies with navigating this increasingly complex, and ever-evolving, global transparency landscape.”

Aubyn Life Sciences’ European location particularly helps to facilitate coordination of non-US experts, deciphering international intricacies and providing additional global insights.

The International Database is an expansion of the Porzio Compliance Digest, an interactive, Internet-based compliance database that enables companies to comply with marketing and sales regulations.

For more information on the International Database, please contact us at 973.538.1690 or e-mail us at For callers outside the US, please use your country’s exit code, plus “1” before dialing.

About Porzio
Porzio Life Sciences helps companies comply with the growing body of US federal and state regulations, as well as international laws and industry codes, governing pharmaceutical, medical device and biotechnology companies. Porzio Life Sciences is a wholly owned subsidiary of Porzio, Bromberg & Newman P.C., a law firm that furnishes regulatory counseling, risk management and litigation avoidance counseling to pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device manufacturers. For more information on Porzio Life Sciences’ products and services, please visit

About Aubyn
Aubyn Life Sciences is a wholly owned subsidiary of Aubyn-Triplet, a French law practice acting principally for international corporations which carry out business on French territory, and for non-French corporations which are established, or which seek to establish themselves, in France. It acts for a considerable number of US, Canadian, Asian, Irish and UK entities to which it gives advice and assistance (in English) on French Law and advises on all aspects of French business life, as well as undertaking commercial and employment law litigation on behalf of its clients.