Porzio Attorneys Quoted in Article on Approval of Woodcliff Lake's Petition to Ask Voters to Withdraw from the Pascack Valley Regional School District


Porzio’s Vito A. Gagliardi, Jr., and Kerri A. Wright, are quoted in an article in The Record, regarding the state's decision to allow Woodcliff Lake to ask residents if the borough can withdraw from the Pascack Valley Regional High School District. The New Jersey State Department of Education Board of Review said at a hearing Wednesday that it did not have statutory reasons to deny the petition, filed by Woodcliff Lake in June 2013.

Vito Gagliardi, attorney for Woodcliff Lake, elucidated that Woodcliff Lake is trapped in a district that has an unfair funding formula; as the borough essentially is “subsidizing” the educations of the students from the other constituent municipalities of River Vale, Hillsdale and Montvale.

The question will now be put to vote in a special election in September or December of this year. "For the borough to withdraw from the district, the vote must carry the majority of votes cast that day, as well as the majority of votes cast in Woodcliff Lake," said Kerri Wright.

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