Sal Anderton Quoted in Law360 Article on Increased Lobbying in New Jersey


Sal Anderton, Legislative Director of Porzio Governmental Affairs LLC (PGA), is quoted in the Law360 article titled NJ Firms Reap Millions From Uptick In Lobbying Work. PGA, a wholly owned subsidiary of Porzio Bromberg & Newman, is mentioned among the top New Jersey law firms and related entities which have expanded into the area of lobbying. In a statement released Thursday, the state's Election Law Enforcement Commission reported $60.2 million was spent on lobbying in New Jersey last year by companies, special interest groups and others; a 3.8 percent increase compared to 2012. As this market increases, New Jersey's largest law firms have been expanding and aggressively marketing themselves in the government affairs arena, according to Mr. Anderton. He explained, "The trend of law firms offering more lobbying services makes sense because lawyers are well-suited to advise clients on the legal ramifications of government decisions."

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