Vito Gagliardi Represents Cape May on Issue of Breaking Up Lower Cape May Regional


Since 1960, the Lower Cape May Regional District has been comprised of Lower Township, Cape May and West Cape May.   Cape May wants to leave the district and claims that it pays too much to operate the district under a state funding formula based on property value.  The formula for Cape May has taxpayers contributing approximately one-third of the tax levy but only sending 67 students to the 7-12 district.  

Board of Review, a state panel set up to rule on educational issues, agreed to allow a referendum to let voters decide if Cape May is permitted to leave the district.  Lower Township, West Cape May and the Board of Education for the district did not oppose a public vote.  All three towns will vote at a special election.

Interestingly, the Board of Education for the district is planning its own referendum on whether to make changes to the funding formula.  This could represent a compromise that would keep Cape May in the district.  The district is looking to have both votes at the same time.

Vito Gagliardi, principal of Porzio, Bromberg & Newman and attorney representing Cape May, argues that the votes must be done separately.

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