Tension Continues to Mount Over District Funding Shifts


Tensions continue to mount among North Haledon, Haledon and Prospect Park following a series of court rulings that shift the funding formula among the three towns. The most recent decision, in August 2013, instituted a two-phase tax raise, the second segment of  which is expected to take effect this year.

The commissioner's 2005 decision set the formula at 33 percent enrollment and 67 percent equalized property values. North Haledon is pressing to pass a 2011 recommendation that a new formula be based 33 percent on equalized property values and 67 percent on enrollment.

Porzio attorney Vito A. Gagliardi represents North Haledon in the dispute.  In the ongoing case, North Haledon is arguing it should get at least what the administrative law judge recommended, while Haledon and Prospect Park say the formula should be based entirely on property values.

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