COVID-19 Resources


The impact of COVID-19 is far-reaching and causing anxiety and confusion for businesses, economies, and markets. At Porzio, Bromberg & Newman, P.C., and the Porzio family of companies, our attorneys and business consultants are monitoring the news, legal, and community updates so that we can serve the legal and business needs of our clients during this difficult time.


Our attorneys and business professionals are focused on helping our clients navigate legal, business, and financial challenges as they traverse the ongoing economic strain and environment of uncertainty.

Our multi-disciplinary team is working with clients on business issues that must be addressed now including:



  • Reviewing key legal issues and decisions regarding your workforce, including employment changes and resulting requirements under employment laws.
  • Please click here to read our article on "Leave Entitlements Arising from COVID-19."  

Insurance Coverage


  • Counseling clients on available insurance coverage for COVID-19 related losses, including reviewing and providing coverage opinions on whether insurance policies provide coverage for these losses.


Data Privacy

  • Advising on remote work policies to ensure the company continues to meet its data privacy obligations to employees and customers. 
  • Evaluating and tailoring information security policies to address a remote workforce. 
  • Communications to vendors regarding ongoing confidentiality obligations in light of their remote workforce.

Corporate, Commercial and Business Law 

  • Addressing legal concerns regarding your business and any disruption in its business operations, including force majeure clauses and interpretation of business interruption clauses.
  • Contracting and Force Majeure Provisions:
    • Assisting in providing a more detailed review of your contracts, including force majeure provisions, and insurance policies to determine the best course of action to mitigate risk and possibly recover damages.
  •  Corporate Counseling/Risk Management
    • Providing general corporate and legal counseling to companies navigating corona virus-related issues, business losses, employment decisions, and litigation. Counsel manufacturing, warehousing, logistics and supply chain clients force majeure, insurance, transport bans, notification obligations for excusable delays and related issues.
  • Please click here to read our article on "The Legal Impact of the Coronavirus on Your Business."

 Bankruptcy and Refinancing

  • Evaluating cash flows and prioritizing how to best address the demands of customers, employees and creditors
  • Assist creditors such as landlords, vendors, and lenders in evaluating troubled debtor companies and creating arrangements to provide the most value to the creditor
  • Assist creditor entities in assessing their rights and evaluating troubled business situations
  • Planning and assessing potential refinancing opportunities has economic impact unfolds

Regulatory and Legal Compliance

Provide life sciences companies counseling and guidance on issues like:

  • Deviations and adjustments in field force promotion, including guidelines regarding webcasts, video sales calls, and text communications between personnel and healthcare practitioners.
  • Adjustments to educational grant agreements and proposed budgets resulting from cancellation of conferences and/or educational events.
  • Cancellation of sponsorships, third party meetings, and/or healthcare practitioner speaker programs.
  • Charitable donations, including product donations and financial support, for organizations on the front line of COVID-19 response plans.
  • Adjustments to product sample, patient assistance, and bridge programs to permit increases in activity and products provided and revisions to distribution methods.
  • Changes in clinical trial activities, including considerations related to protocol deviations, feasibility/impact of suspending subject enrollment, changes in study drug distribution, and suspending usage of study drug or activation of new clinical sites.
  • Analysis of newly issued guidances from Department of the Health and Human Services, including agencies such as FDA, addressing responses to COVID-19 and changes to enforcement or deviations in policies, guidelines, and protocols.


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