A Message from Porzio to our Employees, Clients, and Communities


Porzio stands with our African-American colleagues, the broader Black community and all concerned citizens against racial injustice, inequities, violence, and the everyday experience of deeply rooted discrimination faced by people of color.   As noted by Managing Principal Vito Gagliardi in his statement to the firm at the beginning of the week:  

At this challenging moment in our history, we would want to show our African-American colleagues that we support them; in a bigger sense, we would hope to bring communities together for dialogue and healing, something so needed as our nation is torn apart.  Of course, as grandchildren are being told not to hug their grandparents, as neighbors are urged to stay away from each other, as citizens are encouraged to be wary of others in the supermarket as the potential source of a fatal disease, this is hardly the atmosphere for the sort of direct, honest dialogue that, when done face-to-face and with mutual respect, can calm the raw nerves of our communities and our nation.

In the meantime, then, the healing is mostly a solo activity.  That does not mean it is hopeless.  Occasionally we sing a song in church, which we sang with great frequency in the turbulent '60s, after which we also healed;  the song begins and ends with the same lines, "Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me."

 Porzio maintains its long standing commitment to Diversity and  Inclusion and will continue to invest resources and time in achieving a more just and equitable society.


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