Commercial Litigation

Porzio's Commercial Litigation group represents clients as plaintiffs and defendants in litigation involving all manner of business disputes involving contracts and contract language, loan agreements, security agreements, agency and employment contracts, shareholders' and partnership agreements, purchase and sale agreements, and collection matters.  Our team members address all of the potential remedies available including money damages and all equitable forms of relief, such as temporary restraining orders, injunctions, and requests for specific performance.   Specific experience includes all state and federal courts and all modes of arbitration and mediation.

We provide all of the needed professional services required, and work with a range of experts and other professionals as needed to maximize results.  Porzio is one of the leading firms in commercial litigation because of its competitive rates, depth and range of trial experience, and use of skilled paraprofessionals to assist in all facets of the matter.

Porzio is considered an early innovator with regard to the efficient delivery of value to clients. We recognized that law firms and attorneys are asked to facilitate work that could be done more efficiently, or with greater upside by business professionals in a different entity. When the opportunity exists, Porzio works closely with our three wholly-owned subsidiary companies that focus on providing unique non‐legal services that complement our practices.

  • Porzio Compliance Services, LLC offers business clients industry-leading data privacy and cybersecurity services, GDPR, and consults and advises on workplace safety, security, and compliance matters.
  • Porzio Governmental Affairs, LLC assists clients in advocacy and legislative efforts in the State of New Jersey
  • Porzio Life Sciences, LLC works with companies across the country and globally to provide solutions to life sciences companies on all aspects of transparency, compliance, licensing, data privacy, GDPR, and others.