School Protests and Security Incidents Increase in New Jersey

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In recent days, incidents involving safety and security in New Jersey schools have occurred.

The NJDOE Office of School Preparedness and Emergency Planning provided information from  the New Jersey State Police Regional Operations and Intelligence Center regarding a protest that was planned on school grounds at a Mercer County public school. The information indicated that the group ACLU’s People Power advised the district of the intent to protest. The district informed the group that the protest would not be permitted on school grounds.  

Additional information indicated that due to the denial of the request to protest on school grounds, similar unannounced protests may be attempted at schools statewide. The group is reportedly soliciting the involvement of new members, including school students.   

The NJDOE suggested that schools seek legal guidance on addressing any related activity, engaging with local law enforcement officials, and preparing for potential student protests during school hours.  

In an unrelated incident, an unknown male entered a Morris County high school at arrival time. When confronted by school staff, the individual claimed to be a transfer student. He offered to return to his vehicle to retrieve his schedule and left the scene. Updated reports indicate that the individual was subsequently arrested, however, his reason for entering the school remains under investigation.

These incidents illustrate the need for continued vigilance regarding school safety and security. Porzio's Education Law Team is available to provide guidance and support to ensure the safety of your school community.

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