Arbitration and Mediation

The Porzio Arbitration and Mediation Team consists of former members of the New Jersey Judiciary. Former Supreme Court Associate Justice James H. Coleman, former Essex County Assignment Judge Alvin Weiss, former Hudson County Assignment Judge Maurice J. Gallipoli, and former Trial Court Judge Jack L. Lintner, bring and devote their considerable judicial experience in a vast array of matters. In addition to serving as mediators and arbitrators, Porzio lawyers are frequently asked by the courts, lawyers and law firms to serve as Special or Discovery Masters to facilitate the management of a case or to supervise the completion of discovery in a fair and cost-effective manner. The New Jersey Administrative Office of the Courts established and supervises a statewide Complimentary Dispute Resolution Program (“CDR”).

Two firm attorneys have met the training and accreditation requirements to serve as a court-appointed mediator. They are listed on the Roster of Mediators for New Jersey’s Statewide Mediation Program for Civil, General Equity and Probate matters. Michael L. Rich, and Richard Bauch are available for appointment by the court to try to bring parties to a resolution short of a trial. Additionally, they are also available to serve as private mediators, arbitrators, and Special or Discovery Masters.

Over 95 percent of the matters mediated by the team have been successfully concluded. In the remaining matters, many have settled thereafter, before expensive discovery and/or trial. Often  parties  return to the mediation process after having resolved certain issues by motion practice or by conducting some limited essential discovery. The team conducts arbitrations to resolve a case without the need for further extensive discovery, litigation and/or trial.