Environmental Cases

  • A local businessman needed additional space to expand his fuel delivery services and related businesses. Across town was an ideal site which had sat dormant because of environmental contamination by former operators. Upon a demonstration that the State would recoup funds from tax revenue generated from the redevelopment and re-use of the property, the State agreed to reimburse the businessman 75% of the roughly $450,000 in costs to clean up the property. The businessman now receives checks annually, which will total $338,000, taken from the increased business tax revenue. In addition, he owns a property that has appreciated in value as a result of the cleanup and has the increased space necessary to achieve his business goals.
  • A real estate development company, new to New Jersey, was looking to get a toehold in the state development community. Through our network of contacts, we arranged key meetings with the mayors and redevelopment authorities of a number of urban centers that have resulted in placing this company in a strategic position to take advantage of emerging opportunities.
  • Environmental issues became the make or break point in a multi-state transaction involving international parties. Our quick intervention, identification of expert local counsel, engagement of well-qualified environmental consultants and quick review of governmental documents placed our client in a position to make an informed decision within weeks and enabled this multi-million dollar transaction to proceed.
  • Wanting to better quantify the risks of a potential acquisition in New Jersey, an out-of-state company engaged our services to represent them in volunteering to negotiate Natural Resource Damages with NJDEP. Through our experience with this program and the personnel in it, we were able to set up the necessary meetings, engage the required technical support, complete the complicated forms and calculations, and negotiate real dollar alternatives so as to enable this client to make the decision to move forward with the deal.
  • Wetlands and transition area requirements surrounding a controversial waterway created an apparently insurmountable challenge in a major commercial development project. The client charged us with the job of preserving the developmental objectives while at the same time trying to meet the mandate of the wetlands regulations. By engaging NJDEP personnel at the assistant commissioner level, working patiently and closely with the case managers, and carefully researching unrelated regulatory and statutory requirements, we were able to make a strong case for our client. As a result, we successfully engineered alternatives that satisfied all parties.
  • Partnering with a team of technical, architectural, engineering, wetlands and construction experts, we recently orchestrated completion of a complex permitting application for an industrial development that entailed the coordination of at least three permitting programs. With our advice and counsel, the team met early on with NJDEP personnel who would be involved in reviewing the permit to familiarize them with the project, thus paving the way for a smooth review. While this permit review is pending, we anticipate finalizing it on an expedited basis due to close monitoring throughout the review process.
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