Porzio Hosted a Complimentary Roundtable on Environmental Risk Analysis


Porzio's Environmental Law Team joined with Eikon Planning and Design, Inc. to present a complimentary roundtable on May 9, 2017, at Porzio's offices in Morristown, New Jersey. The interactive discussion focused on available tools to help consummate real estate transactions, foster financing/refinancing deals, and aid in the efficient, overall management of industrial/commercial parcels on environmentally impaired sites. 

The program, "Environmental Risk Analysis: Real Estate Transactions/Financing and Property Management," included such topics as:

  • Environmental Contract Clauses - Catered To The Specific Hat You Are Wearing; 
  • How To Use The Phase I/II Process To Your Advantage During Due Diligence/Financing; 
  • Environmental Players - What Role Each Does, And Should, Play; 
  • Environmental Insurance Products - Do They Really Exist in 2017?  If So, How Do You Use Them?; and 
  • Real-World Deals - Pitfalls And Solutions To Same.

Porzio principals Lisa M. BrombergThomas Spiesman and Charles J. Stoia presented, in addition to Glenn P. Brukardt of Eikon Planning and Design, Inc.