Porzio Client EZ Worldwide Express Sees "Tremendous Growth Prospects" with Amazon


Porzio client EZ Worldwide Express was discussed in the Law360 article, "Ex-Forever 21 Shipper Says Amazon Deal Is Post-Ch. 11 Hope," by Jody Godoy. 

New Jersey-based delivery company EZ Worldwide Express stated that its growth plan in recent years had exceeded the demand for factory-to-store shipments, resulting in a loss of approximately $30 million in its split with retailer Forever 21. However, the company is now branching out to deliver to customers from Amazon's California warehouses, and sees "tremendous growth prospects in connection with the Amazon relationship.”

EZ Worldwide is represented by Porzio attorneys Warren J. Martin Jr., Michael J. Naporano, Kelly D. Curtin and Rachel A. Parisi.

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