Wealth Preservation

Estate Planning

Porzio attorneys take the time to understand the needs and goals of families, business owners, professionals and retirees when designing an effective estate plan.  In addition to considering estimated federal and state income, gift, estate, and inheritance tax consequences, we have the experience and expertise required to propose strategies to protect both your loved ones and your assets far into the future.  Our full estate planning services include:

  • Developing an estate plan that will achieve a client’s personal, legal, and financial goals upon their death or incapacity
  • Controlling the distribution of assets after death
  • Implementing plans that protect family assets from exposure to certain risks such as creditors and divorce proceedings
  • Maximizing the value of an estate by utilizing established methods to minimize or eliminate estate taxes for the client and beneficiaries
  • Coordinating and communicating with financial advisors for one cohesive estate plan