About Us

At Porzio, Bromberg & Newman, P.C., a dynamic approach to problem solving and client service creates the energy and passion that form the foundation of the firm. Porzio meets clients' rapidly changing needs by realigning our considerable resources to address demanding matters. Porzio is a business-oriented multidisciplinary law practice where attorneys collaborate with each other and with clients to find solutions to challenges and problems.  

We strive to incorporate diversity and inclusion in our daily practices. By sharing the unique perspectives and capabilities of our people, we enrich our workplace and expand our potential, to the ultimate benefit of our clients.  

  • Porzio has more than 90 lawyers in our New Jersey, New York City, Delaware, Massachusetts and Puerto Rico offices.  Our attorneys, and the remarkable professionals who work beside them, serve our clients and each other with a passionate commitment to excellence.
  • Our clients benefit from the counsel of recognized leaders including a retired Justice of the New Jersey Supreme Court, James H. Coleman, Jr.,  former  New Jersey Superior Court Assignment Judge (Essex County) Alvin Weiss and former New Jersey Superior Court  Assignment Judge (Hudson Vicinage)  Maurice J. Gallipoli.
  • Porzio attorneys receive guided, hands-on experience early in their careers.  We develop the “whole attorney,” which means highly skilled legal talent for our clients and greater job satisfaction for our people.
  • We have three subsidiaries that specialize in providing unique non-legal services that complement our practice, Porzio Governmental Affairs, Porzio Compliance Services and Porzio Life Sciences.
  • We have strategic alliances with Love and Long, L.L.P., a boutique, minority and woman-owned law firm with offices in Newark, NJ and Philadelphia, PA, and with Aubyn (formerly Triplet & Associés), a French law firm with offices in Lille, Paris, and London.