When handling difficult litigation matters, Porzio’s litigation team knows that results come from not only a thorough knowledge of the law but also from having a complete understanding of our clients’ businesses. Our goal is simple—achieve a cost-effective and efficient resolution for our clients. Critically, cases cannot always be resolved before trial, so the ability to try a case, and the skill for doing it well, should be a prerequisite to the engagement of any law firm.

Porzio has four attorneys who have been certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a Civil Trial Attorney, and several other attorneys who have experience trying cases involving premises liability, personal injury claims, and commercial disputes. Porzio also boasts a former New Jersey Supreme Court Justice, Justice James Coleman, Jr., the first African American appointed to New Jersey’s highest Court, and two former New Jersey assignment judges with decades of experience at the trial and appellate levels. These judges routinely collaborate with our litigation team to create the most effective case strategy, with a view towards trial, and provide invaluable insights into the inner-workings of New Jersey’s court system and the differences in practice among the different counties and judicial chambers.

Porzio leads the industry regarding taking an innovative, value-driven approach to best serve our clients’ litigation needs. We have developed a number of systems, including the use of technology, and the effective use of paralegals to reduce costs whenever possible. We aim to understand the company and the legal team’s goals and objectives from day one, to ensure that we are always working together to protect the company’s business interests and brand.